About Great Trips Ltd

Who are Great Trips Ltd?

Great Trips Ltd is the parent company of Great British Trips; a land based Tour Operator founded by two British people with a genuine love for travel and an even greater love for Britain. Following some extensive travel around the globe and a lot of research the Great Trips Directors discovered one simple truth; planning a first time visit to a new country is seriously hard work. Everyone they spoke to, some of whom had visited the UK and some who had not, had expereienced that unless you wanted to join a coach tour with a set schedule on set dates, the only alternative was to spend hours resarching where to go and stay. As an independant traveller or group organiser, you must check out endless reviews and research the reliability of every single element of a tour. Once you decided where to go and what to see, you then have to make the booking which is an exhausting, confusing and time consuming process! One independent traveller said:

“Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just create a list of all the places and attractions you wanted to see and a local expert worked out all the details?!”

The ‘Great Trips’ concept was born.

Everyone agreed that it would be wonderful to create a tour of your own making; simply choosing the locations and activities and have a local expert plan and book it all for you. The company began by planning tours of the UK and in 2012 linked up with key figures in the Irish Tourism Industry to launch Great Irish Trips. As a specialist travel tour operator, every single one of our tours is tailor made and individually designed to the customers' requirements and budget. We don’t ask you to choose from a list of set tours in a brochure, but simply tell us where you want to go, what you want to do and we’ll put together the perfect tour for you or your clients.


Why work with us?

At Great Trips, our team are local experts. We travel the length and breadth of the country seeking out the best service providers, attractions and accommodation for our clients. For more information on our services click here.

We are members of UK Inbound, the UK's Trade Association for inbound operators, DMC's, accommodation providers and wholesalers.

We comply with all UK, Irish and European law which requires us to provide financial protection for our customers. More details about this cover can be found here.

We are a company with a strong ethical policy. This means that we put our customers first and always do all we can to ensure that every request, query, problem, and question is answered and resolved as quickly as possible and to everyone's satisfaction. We have a green policy oweing to our strong concern about the environment and we are financially supporters of Business Against Poverty - a charity which enables businesses to provide international aid to small projects in less fortunate countries.

Our customers hail from around the globe and we are extremely proud of our incredible customer service record. Our staff are regularly sent thank you gifts from grateful clients and on our feedback questionnaires we are yet to hear of someone who would not highly recommend Great British Trips. You can read a selection of customer comments here.